Contains 2 whitening gel syringes of 3 ml each, 6 Mixer Tips, 1 Gum Guard Syringe 3ml, 1 desensitizer syringe 3ml, 6 micro-brushes, 1 Shade Guide Colour, and User Manual.
The whitening gel can be used to treat 2-3 patients. The gel can be applied directly to the surface of the teeth for around 20 minutes for 1-2 applications, maximum 3 applications as the case may be.
38% hydrogen peroxide, white or colored, nitrate potassium, sodium fluoride, methacrylate, not hazardous additives
The whitening gel line the Smile is a professional whitening system based on 38% Hydrogen Peroxide.
It is easy and fast to use for dental Office applications; it’s used to reduce extrinsic and intrinsic tooth discolorations.
Effective on both vital and devitalized teeth. The whitening gel is ready to use and is only for professional use. No need of any preliminary preparation like mixing or syringe to syringe mixing. Just apply the gel onto the teeth. Effective in around 20 minute by 1 dental whitening session only. Rarely does the whitening session needs to be repeated. Immediate whitening activation – no need of any light. No need of refrigeration.
It is a professional whitening treatment for dark teeth, or teeth discolored due to congenital, metabolic or traumatic reasons. Pharmaceutical stains like tetracycline, fluorosis are also treatable.
The best results have been registered on patients with yellow and brown stains. Ageing stains or cigarette stains are also successfully treated.
The whitening gel works solely on teeth that have natural enamel.

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