About Us

ChubarasDental is a division of Chubaras Enterprises Ltd, a well-established Nigerian company with more than 8 years of experience. With office in Lagos, ChubarasDental deals with the supply of dental materials, instruments, oral care and hygiene products across Nigeria, and we are highly committed to delivering high quality brands to our customers, based on greater industry knowledge and a real understanding of our customers’ needs and problems.

Our aim is to act as a trusted distributor and marketer, producing results that directly benefit both our partners and customers. ChubarasDental is also committed to providing an excellent working environment that encourages and rewards innovation, teamwork, flexibility, and enthusiasm. Our good logistics plans, business facilities, easy communication access, and the various advertising networks we use, give us an advantage over our competitors.

Our Mission

Always dedicated to providing you with the best products and services in the dental sector.

Our ultimate goal and commitment at ChubarasDental is to uplift the dental practice in Nigeria and across West Africa. We know the dental profession is not an easy one. Dental practice is an art that requires much effort and diligence. Chubaras strives to make this art of dentists less stressful, more efficient and creatively fulfilling, as well as a source of satisfaction and professional pride. We understand that dentists spend years building up their career and reputation, and we cannot afford to destroy that by supplying you with low-quality, substandard products. Chubaras does not supply materials of any kind to make cheap money, we sell brands - high quality brands indeed. This has always endeared customers to us. If you, a dental practioner in Nigeria, are used to nothing but the best, chances are high that you will love and patronize ChubarasDental.