Light-cured Core Build-Up Composite

Available in 2 shades: Translucent and Blue
Contents: 1 Syringe (0.5g)

Light-Core is a light-cured core build-up composite. Sculptable and non-slumping, it provides optimal handling. Light-Core has a 5mm depth of cure* at 500 mW/cm2. Light-Core is available in two shades: Translucent and Blue. Translucent is ideal for use under aesthetic restorations, such as all-ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays. Blue is ideal for use in conventional fixed restorations, such as metal-based restorations (all-metal or PFM). Blue facilitates placement when a contrast to tooth structure is desired. This contrast ensures your margins will be placed on tooth structure where they belong. Choose from economical syringes or convenient unit-dose tips.

Unique Benefits

Light-cured core material allows for immediate prepping after curing
5mm depth of cure* promotes quick build-ups
Strong, fiber reinforced (7.8%) core material offers maximum strength for all core build-ups
Non-slumping, sculptable material yields great handling and is easy to contour
Radiopaque material is easily identified on radiographs

Clinical Significance

Radiopaque Translucent shade is ideal for use under aesthetic restorations
Radiopaque Blue shade facilitates ease of placement and is ideal for use when you need a contrasting color to confirm that your margins are on tooth structure. Recommended for use under metal-based restorations.

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