VDW.SILVER®RECIPROC® Endo motor or reciprocating and classical preparation technique.
Reciprocating file systems: One specific pre-setting only for efficient preparation with RECIPROC® / Pre-programmed setting for the reciprocating system WaveOne®
Continuous rotary systems: Pre-programmed settings for Mtwo®, FlexMaster®, ProTaper® Universal, K3TM and Gates Glidden
Additional Doctor´s Choice Programme where up to 15 torque and speed settings can be saved for a personal sequence
Specific RECIPROC REVERSE function allows an even more comfortable preparation with RECIPROC®
Precise angles of reciprocation specific to the design of the RECIPROC® instrument
Automatic torque control with Auto-Stop-Reverse in rotary mode
Battery-operated motor; constant operation even during charging
Incl. 6:1 contra-angle

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