Kavitan™ LC, Light-Cured Glass-Ionomer Cement

12g powder A2 + 5g liquid

Kavitan LC is characterized by its easy handling. It is a lightcuring resin modified glass-ionomer, which guarantees fast making of the restoration and long-lasting good aesthetic. Excellent option for Class V/III anterior fillings and thanks to its controlled curing it is also suitable for all treatments in children patients.

Product benefits

Light-curing material with controlled time of curing
Possibility of immediate “sandwich” filling
Etching and application of an adhesive is not necessary thanks to the strong chemical adhesion
Outstanding biological compatibility
Long-lasting release of fluoride ions


Class I and II restorations not loaded with occlusal forces
Class V and III restorations in permanent teeth
Class I, II, III and V laminated restorations in permanent teeth
Class I, II, III and V restorations in deciduous teeth
Adhesive liners under composite or amalgam fillings
Lost dentin build-ups before preparation for crowns, inlays or onlays, event. aesthetic veneers
Class I, II, III, V semi-permanent restorations in permanent teeth, fissure sealing
A.R.T. technique (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment)


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