Bond-1™ SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive



Bond-1 SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive is a light-cure, one-coat, self-etch adhesive that is truly in a league of its own! Pentron has effectively removed the solvent, found in virtually all other adhesives on the market today, while preserving the high bond strengths associated with conventional bonding agents. Bond-1 SF forms an interactive bond between the minerals of the tooth structure and the resins of the bonding agent, without the use of acetone, water, or alcohol, providing a superior bond to both dentin and enamel.

Bond-1 SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive is available in a convenient syringe delivery system, offering unique flocked needle tips that facilitate easy, direct placement into the prep.

Solvent-free – Protects against sensitivity, eliminating common technique-sensitive issues such as under and over drying. Also prevents evaporation.
No air drying – Saves you precious chair time; doesn’t leave you guessing “how dry is too dry”
Self-etch – No need to acid etch, saves time
Versatile – Bond-1 SF is perfect for all your direct composite bonding needs and can also be used with dual-cure materials when the initial layer of dual-cure material is light cured
Unique handling properties – Enables an even spread of the material, ensuring a complete coverage and optimal results
One coat – Easy to use, reduces procedure time

2 x ml Syringes, Flocked Needle Tips, Instructions

Bond-1™ SF Solvent-Free SE Adhesive

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